Field House / Chelsea Piers
* Winter 2010-2011 -  Sunday Competitive Divisions *
Youth Soccer Playoffs
                     {All Determined; Points/Wins/Head to Head/Goal Differential}.  Web Standings do not take into account head to head - will be tabulated @ seasons' end.
U8, U9, U11, U10, U12, U14 & High School  GAMES  ARE 15 MIN. HALVES
U11 Competitive Division     Trophies for Winner and Runners up   ALL GAMES  15 MIN. HALVES
 U11 #1      CP SWAT
Sun 3/20 11:30am(N)   Winter  Champs
 U11 #4         CP Hulks 2010-2011
 U11 #2      AG Lazio Sun.  3/20 12:40am(N)
Sun 3/20 11:30am(S)  
 U11 #3        DUSC Flamengo